Our team

Felice Bucci

Italian guy fond of travelling and cultural exchange but tied to his homeland. His name means “happiness”: this is what characterises his life. He would like to visit all the world with his faithful companion: his Vespa. Difficult dream to realize, but not impossible for this brave and strong boy.

Letizia Leone

Emerging student in psychiatry who resolves riddles and people’s problems even though she is the more complicated. She shows strange phobias but on the other side she is a brave girl, determined and even funny for her frequent gaffes. Her name means  “joy”, and for this reason she keeps on smiling.

Rocco Maggialetti

Tall, strong and steady guy crazy for sciences: but… he faints for syringes. What makes him alive is art and technology. He dreams to discover new landscapes and cities with his suitcases and putting inside it nothing except .. food. Italian food, he can’t live without it. Happy, curious, dynamic, resourceful.

Antonella Miscioscia

Born and grown up in a little town surrounded by apulian olive trees. At once hyperactive and careless, she’s full of little scars that put in evidence her love for adventure. Always with her camera in the hands, she tries to give shape to beautiful photographs .. But not to her hairs.

Emanuela Ursi

Italian girl with a great passion for art and music. She would like to travel around the world (although she is afraid of taking plane) and learn new foreign languages: she loves them but she doesn’t want to talk too much and show her braces. Extroverted, friendly, lazy, a little bit foolish but responsible. Too dream to realize but too less will for it.

Rafał P. Solski

Creative director in John Weston Group. With his creative agency, he has had the possibility of realizing his teenager dreams. Extroverted, friendly, dynamic man who loves his work and his land of which he knows in an extraordinary way a lot of details and curiosity. His favourite polish painter is Józef Hałas whose works of art adorn the walls of the studio.

Jarek Korkuś

CEO in John Weston Group. He comes from Wroclaw and he graduated in Electronic and Technological fields. He concentrates his attention on his work: he started when he was only 13! He's also punctual, meticulous, careful with details and... Athletic! He practises running. 

Kasia Guzik

Friendly artistic pretty girl graduated from psychology who works for John Weston Group as project manager and copywriter. She deals also with painting, drawing, running, gym... and, of course, she sets aside a part of her busy life for friends.

Filip J. Markiewicz

He is a programmer in the group: self-confident, conservative and precise boy who likes walking and reading books but programming is his the most important passion. His life is full of activity: volleyball, bicycle, table tenis capture his time even if his girlfriend is a fundamental part of it.

Agata M. Mamrot

Agata is a graphic designer grown in Gdynia and who studies industrial design and works in John Weston Group. Joking, expressive and open, she shows her creative mind throught her tattoo: it represents a dreamcatcher, a way to keep far away bad thoughts. She's a positive girl and, with a dazzling smile, she goes to the gym while she's not working.

Łukasz Jamroz

He's one of the most powerful parts of our team. His greatest passion is making videos: he spent 60 hours without sleeping only to do it! His enormous energy is very remarkable.

Filip Engel

Guy who is part of the video team. Determined, resolute, he has specific goals for his life and he wants to believe in them. He loves to have 'clear' things: with him everything is organized but nothing impossibile.

Robert Cybulski

He can create beautiful things thanks to his work: he is a graphic designer for social media and also photographer. He spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer but he also loves to do sport in his free time.

Radek Gabryś

Happy and brave guy working in John Weston Group in design field. In his free time he likes playing football and studying to improve his skills.

Michał Kielan

Artist from Wroclaw who works as a painter and photographer. He's very wise, dynamic, complicated and extroverted, an adventure companion. He loves travelling and visiting new places to meet new people because he says that "love is everywhere".

Patrycja Strzyzewska

 In love with doing many things at the same time. Positive and helpful, working as a public relation specialist during film festivals and music shows. Connected with Sofar Sounds Wrocław by doing social media and searching for locations. Love living life full of passions and superpower.


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