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Five students left the heel of the Italian boot to discover new places. Catching the plane with heavy suitcases in the hands , they open their eyes for a new exciting world … And put jackets, of course. “Welcome in Poland, guys!” Despite the colder weather and the sudden storms, they are ready to be in close contact with a different reality. Wroclaw will be their new home and John Weston Group the possibility to express what they feels: love and passion for a new incredible land. This is the way POLONIAMO borns.

They love Poland and they are sure that you will develop a passion for their culture too. Do you want to know something about Poland and its art, food, music, entertainment? Don’t leave this page and discover the reasons why Italian guys love Poland.



Write down your name and the name of your friend, choose what you want to show and press the red button to generate a customized link.

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Our project aim to break the borders of old-fashioned stereotypes about Poland. Do you have a foreign friend who doesn't know anything about modern polish culture? Use our generator so you can send him/her a personalized link about contemporary Polish music, art, architecture, design or food and prove there is much more to see! 

Do you want to know something about who we are and what we do? Click on About us and Our team and discover our story.

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